Drywall is used to build new homes and to upgrade existing homes with remodeling projects.  While drywall installers and finishers often use masks to prevent inhaling the hazardous particles, following installation many others ar often exposed to high levels of drywall dust. When inhaled, dust can cause acute symptoms such as nose, throat or lung irritation. Choking may occur from high levels of exposure to the dust, and long-term, chronic conditions may result from longer durations or higher levels of exposure to the dust. A person experiencing irritation, coughing or choking should be moved to a place with fresh air. 

AECE Building Services provides Construction Phase Cleaning which can remove a significant amount of drywall dust from the general work area. Removal of excess drywall dust improves painting results and caulking adhesion.

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AECE Building Services Cleaning Specialist removing drywall dust during construction.


06/26/2012 1:40pm

I enjoyed reading about the effects of drywall dust. As an allergy suffer, I am always aware of the pollutants in the air.

I recently had my basement finished and noticed that the contractors took very little precaution to protect the air quality in my home. Glad to know that you guys care about people like me.


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10/14/2013 1:18am

Choking might come from elevated horizontals of liability to the sprinkle, also tedious-limit, lasting provisos might ramification from longer periods or upper layers of outlook to the pollen. A soul experiencing inflammation, coughing or choking should be moved to a arrange along recent deportment.

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