Warehouse Cleaning

wc1Whether a production facility, logistics and shipping facility, or a general storage warehouse, there is usually a common theme of repetitive high traffic, heavy equipment movement processes. In these cases, the value of a clean floor cannot be overstated. It’s a fact, a clean floor is a safer floor.

While it’s pretty common for large scale facilities to have extensive production floor environmental service processes, in small to medium-sized facilities the challenges involved in managing these responsibilities┬ácan be substantial, and in some cases simply overwhelming. Our clients count on our Warehouse Cleaning services to tackle their typical cleaning requirements in the areas of:

  • Large area floor scrubbing
  • Pressure Washing.
  • VCT Floor care
  • Cleaning and sealing exposed concrete and tile
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Dusting HVAC Venting Systems
  • Locker room and break room cleaning
  • Floor degreasing

Allow AECE Building Services to ease the stress of managing your warehouse cleaning program. Contact us today.